As the painter, facing his canvas

“As the painter, facing his canvas, forgets the image to think only of the painting; whether it’s figurative or abstract. I progressively forgot the subject to see only one balance of forms and a relationship of colors. ”   Through abstraction in photography, with a great rigor of composition to an even stronger rigor when…

Passion – Moments of Light

Finally, Blog and new website give you the opportunity to discover my work Issued from a reality. My photography draws all its energy from architects’ and designers’ realizations. Seduced by a country, a city, a neighborhood, I walk the streets. Joyful, my mind is concentrated and free, I isolate myself from the urban agitation. At…

A totally renewed website!

Did you notice? The new site presenting my art photography work has just been lunched, with a clearer and more intuitive presentation of the content and the visuals.

You can browse my portfolio, related exhibitions, scenarios and the publishing part.

Do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts!


When the limits between Architecture and Art fade away
Roland De Leu is an Architect and Artist. Born in Belgium, he lives and works in Paris. If forms, spaces and volumes have no secrets for him, painting, drawing and sculpture are just as innate in his artistic life.